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For your convenience, Mark A. Green, P.C. has partnered with FeeWise, a secure integrated processing service, to make payments online. You will not be charged any additional costs or transaction fees for paying online. When you click on the link below, you will be directed to a secure payment processing page that utilizes the latest security protocols to ensure that credit/debit card and e-check transactions are secure. 

Once you reach the payment processing page, please fill in the requested information, including the amount being paid. If you are making a payment without an invoice number (such as payment of a retainer fee), enter the reason for the payment in the "Reference" box then click on the "Continue to payment method" below that section. The “Credit/Debit Card” tab for credit card payments is selected by default or you may click the “eCHECK” tab to pay by electronic check. Please enter the required information and submit your payment to complete the transaction. 

Make A Payment


By submitting your credit/debit card, echeck or other payment information to us, you agree to pay the entire Payment Amount for the bill(s) selected, Retainer Fee or other services or fees, and authorize us to charge your designated payment method for such Payment Amount.

If you are not a client of this firm, but are making this payment on behalf of a client of this firm, you understand you will receive no direct benefit from this transaction or the legal services provided. You also understand you are waiving your right to dispute this charge with your bank for claims of services not received or other similar claims of non-service. You acknowledge that by making a payment on behalf of a client you are not entitled to receive any attorney-client privileged information, attorney work product or any other information concerning this matter. By clicking on the “Make A Payment” link, entering your payment information and clicking the button to submit the payment, you acknowledge you have read this Disclaimer and that you agree to be bound by it.

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